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Let’s Improve Web Content and Grow Revenue

In a previous post we discussed reasons why websites under-deliver revenue, even when Web analytics show significant traffic. What strategies can businesses take to perform beyond their efforts in SEO, Paid Search, and Social Media?

Consider these ideas:

1. Improve content, by delivering information that immediately relates to target prospects. Create
headlines that offer something special. Is it attractive pricing? Is it a unique capability? Is it some other kind of reward for reading more? Tell them.

2. Emphasize interactivity. Make your page a conversation, instead of a one-way lecture. But interactivity needs to be more than asking people to answer questions or filling out web forms. Enable them to control what they see, and inject their own opinions.

3. Embed high quality video. Many people ignore extensive text, but will sample the first seconds of a video. Those first few seconds are critical. They need to make a personal connection with the viewer and offer a reason for continuing.

4. Embed a voice-narrated “Smart PowerPoint” presentation to deliver your message. Smart PowerPoint is a relatively new kind of presentation that bears little resemblance to the dull, text-intensive vehicles that are ignored by many viewers.

5. Create a hybrid Interactive Video, by embedding a PresenterNet Showroom presentation. Running in auto-play mode, this voice narrated presentation may pause occasionally to offer the viewer an opportunity to redirect the ongoing discussion. The presentation may also pause after certain points to ask the viewer questions or request evaluation of points that the narrator has made. Viewers therefore stay engaged, choosing the content they see and hear, as well as and scoring it. This kind of presentation also offers viewers an opportunity to request more information, or to otherwise respond immediately onscreen to the presenter’s call-to-action.

Note: We will offer more complete information on “Smart PowerPoint” in an upcoming post, and explain how it supports a PresenterNet Showroom presentation.