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The most effective presentations offer more than a series of informational slides.

The picture above illustrates a slide that asks a question, provides a way for viewers to answer, and captures their responses. It’s part of a new evolution of presentations, which are actually full-function applications. (Click here to view a DEMO PRESENTATION.)

Presenters and presentation designers need to ask themselves, “What’s the goal of my presentation?” For example, if the goal of an online presentation is to sell, the presentation needs to perform like a salesperson. Besides providing information, it needs to ask questions and capture audience responses. Just as sales professionals learn from dialog with prospects, presentations need the power to ask questions and capture important responses from viewers for further actions.

Presentations that perform functions like these are presentation-driven applications. They may be lead generation apps, sales apps, training apps, survey apps, focus group apps, etc. If they are posted online as on-demand or webinar-style presentations, their end-product is the information they capture. As such they meet mainstream business objectives.

An on-demand lead generation application for example, provides a clear story told by a narrator, who asks questions and captures onscreen response information from viewers. The questions are similar to the ones asked in a live sales discussion. The system captures all answers from viewers and makes them immediately available for marketing or sales follow-up. Whenever someone views the presentation, enters responses and requests follow-up, the system sends an email to a sales or marketing person.

The email alerts assigned people to evaluate the responses from each viewer who wants follow-up information. The responses determine what action should be taken. They highlight the really hot leads that need immediate action, and earmark others to receive appropriate marketing materials.

Since the presentation may be viewed on-demand 24 X 7, the application is called Continuous Lead Generation. PresenterNet has posted a demo presentation that describes the application in detail, including reporting and follow-up examples. The demo goes on to illustrate how the hot leads are handled, using live online presentations to immediately create a personal sales presence. The presentation is at